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Biomimetics Congress

May, 9th 2017
Biomimetics seminar
Prof. Dr. Rainer Benning:
Insekten als Proteinquelle

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April, 24 - 28th 2017
International Hannover Messe
Presentation of B-I-C projects

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Locomotion / Motion Systems


Biological mechanisms of moving offer a high potential for innovations in efficient applications concerning matters of energy and resources. Therefore different biological mechanisms of drag reduction and alternative propulsion systems are under examination.



'Functional surfaces'


Results from biological 'functional surfaces' can be developed to key innovations for technical and sustainable products. Research is conducted in the fields of gluing, adhesion and bonding, with a focus on marine organisms and structures.



Research projects " Functional Surfaces"


Shark2Shipyard – Antifouling inspired by nature

This research project is funded by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt DBU. Its main objective is to examine and realize the applicability of bioinspired antifouling-coatings on a large scale, e.g. for containerships.

Nontoxid antifouling inspired by nature

A coating developed at the B-I-C is able to provide a nontoxid alternative for conventional antifouling coatings. Model organism was the shark, respectively sharkskin.

Biological materials


Biological materials are information sources with a high potential for innovations. Especially composite materials offer possible applications in many areas of application.



Research projects " Biological materials"



Within the framework of the EU-funded research project the partners will develop an integrated hemp-based biorefinery for the production of fibres, oils, building and insulating materials, bio-based composite materials, fine chemicals and fuels, whilst also advancing scientific understanding of gene-to-trait relationships in this crop. The essential aim of the KBBE programme is to establish bio-based products on the market.


The international research consortium FIBRAGEN deals with the optimization of flax fibres by breeding methods for the application in composite materials.

Poly lactic acid - Natural fibres compound (PLA-NF)

It is intended to develop a high-quality composite material with optimized properties by means of a novel method to improve the connection of natural fibres and celluloses fibres with the bio-based matrix PLA.

Construction / Optimization


Biological constructions and structures frequently impress by an enormous capacity accompanied by minimal cost of materials. Numerical simulations and optimization algorithms lead to possible transfers into applications in a broad range of scaling.



Organization / Logistics


Globally distributed supply chains are characterized by their direct relevance for the global climate and global resources as well as by a high degree of complexity. Many biological processes and systems can be used as benchmarks to make an approach for optimizing the logistics of complex global flows of products and information.


Research projects " Organization / Logistics"



The aim of the research project BIONOS is to identify and examine possible approaches to improved supply chains management by means of biological analogues.




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